Getting ready…

Well, here we are Monday, 2 days before hitting the road to Austin…to say we’re psyched up would be an understatement.  So much has gone into making this trip happen, and we’re all a little stunned that the time has come.  I’d like to invite everyone to tune in right here this Wednesday – Friday for the play by play of our exciting week!  I’ll try to keep it as up to date as possible.  I’m also going to try to keep my twitter updates going real time, too.

I just want to say a HUGE THANKS again to all our wonderful friends and fans who donated to our cause to help us get to Austin during SXSW…we wouldn’t be going without your support!

Please let anyone you know that is in the Austin area this week that we’re playing……and please pass the flyers (below) on too if you think of someone who might enjoy some live music with us.   Also, if you are in the area PLEASE come out and support us.   We need you!

Anyway, you guys rock.  Talk to you soon! 🙂

~Marcy & The Band

Marcy Priest at The Chuggin' Monkey, March 18 2009

Marcy Priest at Touché, March 19 2009


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