Well, we just got back from DFEST 2009 — and we were so excited to be a part of it! what a great time meeting people, listening to other artists, and building some relationships with others in the industry.  Mike Jones came along with Bryan and I to take pics and attend the conference. He was once again, such an incredible friend and help to us. We love you, Mike!

Friday we got there in time to sit in on a few conference discussion panels. After that, we headed over to the Blue Dome Diner for some lunch and then back to the conference. We grabbed some food from McNellie’s for dinner and then headed out to hear some bands at DFEST. We caught Lynhurst, Maggie McClure, as well as others……and by far my favorite moment of the weekend was Ben Kilgore. He sings with passion and his songs are just amazing. Check out “Normal Love.” it is genius, people. The end of the night was The Black Crowes on the main stage….and while their music and background singers are great, they are so out of it and non-communicative with the audience that it really feels disconnected. I left early, and Bryan and Mike left about an hour later when the band still hadn’t played one song that was an old favorite.

Sooooooo, onto our band….

Saturday afternoon, my friend Hannah (and our drummer’s soon-to-be wife) came up and helped us promote the Saturday night gig at McNellie’s. We handed out tons of promo cards and pointed people in the right direction! She was a great help and added some fun to the afternoon.

Domo Arigato!

Domo Arigato!

The Promo Card

The Promo Card

The other band members, Brad Stone (and wife Vicky), Brent Burgess and Fred Hanradt met up with us in time to set up and sound check before our gig. Vicky and Hannah were troopers….heading back out to the streets before we played and inviting the masses to come listen.  We played Saturday night at 7:30pm at McNellie’s and there was a GREAT crowd there to support us! The band was tight as usual and I love what they have added to “House of Mourning.”  They add so much to building the song live! Love it! Voice felt great and the smoke upstairs was at a minimum so I wasn’t hacking all over the crowd.  Hint: I put peppermint oil under my nose before I sang….works wonders!!  🙂

Marcy & the Band @ McNellie's

Marcy & the Band @ McNellie's


Mike Jones' handiwork

Mike Jones' handiwork

We did a crazy thing……we gave everyone there a FREE CD!!!!!! We didn’t advertise that before hand, so it was a special thing just for those who showed up. We got a lot of great feedback from those attending. And, no, we don’t normally give away CDs but this was a special thing we decided to do at the last minute…….so you never know when you come see us play……it might happen again!!  🙂

I rushed over to the main stage to hear Rooney — great BGVs. Love their sound. Remember the lead singer from Princess Diaries? haha. he looks different now.  Anyway, we caught a couple songs, and then headed over to Joe Mamma’s Pizza to eat a celebration dinner with the band. They are a great bunch of people, let me tell ya. Some of the band left for OKC early, but the Stones stayed.  We headed back over to the Performing Arts Center and listened to Stars Go Dim, and Ali Harter. Both did a great job.

One of the coolest things that happened over the weekend was during the actual music conference, I discovered that an old friend of mine, Brian Meiler, from Oklahoma City was speaking on some of the panels. He now works for Warner Music Group as a Creative Manger & TV/Label Liaison for Music Licensing and he was so generous to come out at see my show on Saturday night. He had so much insight and encouragement and advice. Bryan and I are planning a trip to meet up with him in L.A. in the next few months to continue the music conversations and get more insight into the current music industry.

The night ended with CAKE in concert on the main stage and they are both talented and hilarious. I want to cover their song, “Love you Madly.” Love both the lyrics and music. I left there to head over to hear a band that my friends came to see, Broke City, from Utah. They did a great job as well.

We got back to OKC at around 3:30 in the morning. Yikes. but it was so worth it.

a great weekend with some great memories. 🙂



2 Responses to DFEST?….check!

  1. Lisa Branson says:

    Looks like fun was had by all! Wish we could have been there to support you, but you know family vacations are important!!! See you soon! 🙂

  2. Beth Schmidt says:

    I was one of the lucky ones to catch your gig at Dfest and to get a free CD – THANK YOU. Oh man! You are a truly gifted musician, performer, singer. Love, love, love your music! I’ve told a dozen or more people about you already. Come back to Tulsa more often! And I’ll try to catch you live again when I’m in OKC. Thanks, Marcy!


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