Spring in New York City – Day 1

Woke up at 4am for our 6am flight! 🙂  Flew to Detroit and caught a flight from there to New York City — arrived at JFK airport around 12:20pm.  We grabbed a taxi with a very friendly driver.  He told us some of the famous people he’s driven around (Tom Brady and his model wife, Gisele What’s-Her-Name) and Barbara Walters to name a few (he said Barbara was a small tipper…and that she doesn’t talk to the cab driver).  We headed into Manhattan and got to the Ace Hotel by 1:45pm.  Our hotel was amazing!!

Our welcome at the Ace Hotel

We had to be in line for the David Letterman show by 3pm, so we threw our bags in the room and caught another cab — we made it just in time!  Someone in line next to me said, “When they ask you if you’re excited about the show, be very excited, and they might pull you to the front.”  So, with that in mind, we got to the front of the line and the staffer says, “Are you excited about tonight’s show?”  I say, “WE’REFFFRRREEEEEAKINGOUT!!!” and it’s so jumbled and loud, he’s not sure what I said, but he likes my enthusiasm 🙂 so we end up with an early call back time, meaning we’re with the group that is seated in FRONT!!  WOOOOHOOO!  Turns out this was the LAST taping of the season, so we were super blessed.

Standing in line at the Ed Sullivan Theater

Marcy with Rupert Jee at Hello Deli around the corner from Letterman

The Letterman show started at 4:30pm.  We were seated on the end of the second row, center, right in front of Dave’s desk.  YES!  So cool.  The guests were STEVE CARRELL (!), the cast of the Addams Family Broadway show (Nathan Lane, Bebe Neuwirth!), and Didi Benami, the chick with guitar from American Idol who’d just been kicked off the show.  Dave was fun, came out at the beginning, and said a few words.  He was hoarse, so he was not too wordy 🙂 but EXACTLY as I pictured him (quirky, lanky, the whole bit :)).  He did a Top 10 List for the Mets. The guests didn’t chat with the audience, but Steve Carrell did give us all a look and wave as he left during the commercial.  It was so so fun.  Great live music between sets, BTW.

Here we are - right in front!

Ok, I gotta move it along, right? 🙂  We went to Carmine’s for dinner afterward — that was amazing.  Their food is family style HUMONGOUS portions, and the price reflected it.  We got a salad and lasagna that could have fed about 4 more people easily.  The desserts looked amazing too, but we were too full.  HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!  I made our gig setlist while eating dinner.  My mind works well under pressure and while consuming food.  LOL  🙂

Carmine's Lasagna! (nom nom nom)

The Setlist

After dinner, we headed back to our hotel to rest a moment and get ourselves together for the gig that night at Googie’s Lounge.  We entered the subway in plenty of time, but since it had been a few years, it took a couple of minutes to figure out which train to get on (even though Bryan had done such a good job planning & preparing…we got the hang of it by day 2).  We got to Googie’s in time to hear the group before us, Lord and Lady Destroyer.  I think they were from the Midwest.  Catchy!  Our friend, Ed Garcia, met us there to play upright bass with us.  HE’S AWESOME!  We were so blessed by those that took the time to be there for our first NYC gig!  It went well and felt good!  Loved seeing my flyers up in the windows.  We’d like to team up with a couple of other local artists next time and try to pull in a bigger crowd for the downstairs venue at The Living Room.  Such a dream come true to play in NYC! 🙂

Bryan walking the streets of NYC with his guitar

Googie's lineup for the evening

Marcy performing "Enough"

Marcy performing "House of Mourning"

Marcy & Bryan

A flyer in the window...

Bryan & Ed after the gig

We were the last show of the night, so afterward we headed down to the subway again.  Bummer — the uptown F train was under construction, which meant we had to find another train home — after midnight.  Thankfully, we met a new friend in the subway, a model and actor named Marco Jones from Michigan who helped us navigate to a different train.  However, we ended up having to wait forever for that one — but Marco kept us entertained.  And for that, we gave him a CD. 🙂  Crazy thing — we actually ended up seeing Marco in a completely different subway station across town the very next night!  Can you believe that!?!  Amazing.  Anyway, we finally made it back to the ACE about 2am.  We. Were. Exhausted.  Up since 4:00am remember!!  So that’s Day 1 of our adventures in NYC…and there’s more to come…

Home Sweet Home - finally at 2am!


7 Responses to Spring in New York City – Day 1

  1. Janice Stepp says:

    That was almost as good as being there !! Thanks for the detail, Marcy and congrats on the NYC milestone :)and maaaaannnnnyyyyyy more !!!!!

  2. Corey Penry says:

    So proud of you guys! How fun and exciting! I am so glad you got to experience all of that! We love you! Get to celebrate your art w/ others in NYC… How cool!

  3. DIANA says:


  4. marcy says:

    thank you Corey and Diana for reading! 🙂 i keep re-reading it so i can re-live it! 🙂

  5. Debbie Priest says:

    Hey Marcy, that was fun to read…loved the pics, too, especially the
    ones of you and Bryan at Googie’s! Glad you had such a great trip,
    we’re going next time! 😉 I love you! Mom

  6. marcy says:

    yes, mom…gotta go next time 🙂 too fun! love you too

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