Spring in New York City – Day 2

So we woke up (after a MUCH needed first night’s sleep after Day 1) and were greeted to an AMAZING day of weather — grabbed Starbucks and some breakfast and headed out to get on the Staten Island Ferry for a (free!) ride past the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island (my 4th time to NYC and first time to go see these — HA!).  Very meaningful!  Loved seeing Manhattan from a distance also — beautiful!  Upon arriving at Staten Island we immediately boarded for the return ferry back to Manhattan.  Next up: Battery Park, at the lower tip of Manhattan.  Saw some cool street vending/performing.  Walked through some of the Financial District, looking for a hat to block me from the sun (because I have no pigmentation in my skin :)) for our next adventure.

View looking North on Broadway from our hotel building - Beautiful day!

The Staten Island Ferry

Lower Manhattan from the Ferry -- the Twin Towers are sadly missed

Statue of Liberty

Battery Park

Majestic architecture of the Financial District

We walked to the entrance of the Brooklyn Bridge and from there began my small I-Haven’t-Had-Enough-Sleep meltdown — LOL.  It was so beautiful on the bridge, but I was beginning to feel that I might not have enough energy for my afternoon vocal session I was looking forward to.  I got over myself halfway over the bridge :), took a picture 🙂 and basked in the beauty!  We walked across into Brooklyn and began the search for the renowned pizza place Grimaldi’s.  We had heard there’s always a line, and for good reason.  It was already around 2pm, so we lapped up that pizza fast!!  It’s rumored that Frank Sinatra loved eating there, and that he even flew their pizza to Las Vegas when he performed there! 🙂  Deeee-lish!!  Thankfully we did so much walking on this trip I think it helped to cancel out all our eating.  So. Much. Walking.  But great weather, so good trade. 🙂

Looking back on Lower Manhattan from the Brooklyn Bridge

We loved the wood planks along the bridge!

The Perfect Lunch - Grimaldi's in Brooklyn

We then took the High Street train to West (Greenwich) Village.  Once there, we walked up and down Bleecker Street, stopped at ‘sNice (a great coffee shop), buying time until my 4:30pm voice appointment with Wendy Parr.  Living in West Village (in a great 4th floor studio apartment), she is a Level 5 voice teacher for SLS (Speech Level Singing) and head coach over the NYC area.  She has worked with artists like Regina Spektor, and she actually wrote lyrics to a song for the movie Slumdog Millionaire!  So to get to pick her brain for an hour was a thrill for someone like me. 🙂  She’s honest, but encouraging.  So grateful!  Such a memory!  (Bryan enjoyed the scenery and people-watching in Abingdon Square Park while he waited).

Bleecker Street in West Village

View in Abingdon Square Park


After my lesson, we walked down to Magnolia Bakery (YUM!) where it was only fitting that I have a cupcake, which I ate in a cozy corner park.  We then headed to Matt Umanov Guitars (a famous shop that Bob Dylan loved) for Bryan.  Then we walked down to a great local jazz spot called The Bar Next Door to reserve our seats for guitarist Jonathan Kreisberg’s set later than evening (a recommendation by our friend Mitch Bell).  I found an awesome tea shop next door called The Tea Spot and I had a FABULOUS loose leaf green coconut tea and checked some email. 🙂  Afterward, we walked the very short walk to Washington Square Park and watched some artists playing piano/sax for the hundreds of locals hanging out near NYU.  Such a great place to sit and relax.

Inside Matt Umanov Guitars - John Scofield's favorite store in NYC!

The Tea Spot

The arch in Washington Square Park

We met up with our friend Ed again for the Kreisberg show and enjoyed some dinner.  The show was outstanding!  He allows NO audible talking during his performance!  There were only a handful of tables in there, and (again, due to planning ahead) we got to sit literally right by the band in front! (this kind of thing was becoming a continued theme of this trip…)  Kreisberg announced that his good friend was in the crowd, famed singer/guitar player Raúl Midón.  He let us know Raúl would be singing with them during the next set!  Oh, my soul.  It was just… well, YouTube him and see for your self.  His talent is not hindered by his lack of sight — just astounding to the ear.

Jonathan Kreisberg

Jonathan Kreisberg with Raúl Midón

We finally got back to our hotel about 12:30am (another continuing theme of this trip) and the lobby was bumpin’ with loud music and tons of twenty- and thirty-somethings mingling about.  We had no time (mainly energy) to enjoy the hotel until our last night… but when we return to NYC we’ll add that in ’cause it’s the place to be in NYC at night!  Celebrity watching galore, I hear.  🙂

Bryan had a stomach ache from hell all night long (“…I don’t care how much  pizza I ate!”) so once again, not a lot of sleep! 🙂 But what a great second day it was.  To be continued…


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