Spring in New York City – Day 4

We hit the street at 9:30am.  This was the only overcast day of the trip.  A little cooler outside — we wore light jackets.  We started out at the Flatiron building for some photos.  Then one of my favorite things — the Union Square Greenmarket for fresh breakfast!  YUMM!  How many movies have I seen this market in??  Crazy!  After MUCH deliberation (which wears Bryan out every time) I picked a cranberry orange loaf and a blueberry scone (no, I didn’t eat both of them alone :)) and grabbed some Starbucks coffee for the walk to the building used for the album cover of Led Zeppelin’s “Physical Graffiti.” From there, we decided to split up (our only time this trip) – Bryan took some stuff back to the hotel to lighten his load, and I stayed on the subway train to 42nd street to buy tix for Mary Poppins on Saturday afternoon. I was in a train car with a weirdo, so I moved to the next car over, and sat down next to the sweetest girl, Crystal Rivera.  She lives in New Jersey, but comes into town for acting school.  So fun! Another new Facebook friend!  We walked up to 42nd street together, then parted ways.  I ended up having no luck at the ticket counter, but called Ticketmaster and got tix!  Bryan and I met back up at the Hard Rock Café then set off for the subway train to Soho.

Flatiron Building

Marcy enjoying the Union Square Greenmarket

Fresh Pears!

Bryan & I

Cute little train of preschoolers in Union Square

Original album cover of Led Zeppelin's "Physical Graffiti"

Bryan's reenactment in front of the actual building on St. Marks Place

In Soho, we made a reservation at Balthazzar, which is a wonderful French Café (also known for a bit of celebrity-sighting).  No such luck this day; however, we did eat an amazing lunch!  Those authentic French fries… hallelujah!  Then, we met up with my sweet friend Lisa Brown at H&M (my fav!) for a little talking/shopping.  We headed down the street, walking a bit of Chinatown (buying some inexpensive NYC garb) but quickly decided it wasn’t our thing — no offense.  We turned a corner, and WOW!  Little Italy took our breath away.  Just like the movies.  LOVED LOVED LOVED it.  Lisa stayed with us long enough to grab some fresh canolis at a local shop (yes, Bryan said “leave the gun, take the canoli”).  Then, Bryan and I set off down Mulberry Street to find the former meeting place of famed mobster John Gotti and the real Gambino crime family (thank you Bryan for freaking me out).  Then we found the shooting location (pun!) of the famed Godfather “Don Corleone assassination”  Very cool.  I was still scared that the mobsters were going to get us… lol.

One of the many beautiful buildings in SoHo

Shopping in SoHo

My good friend Lisa Brown

Mulberry St. in Little Italy (Empire State Building in the background)

If you think we used every moment possible on this trip, you’d be correct — Bryan made sure we got a taste of it all.  So cool.  We headed to the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) around 6pm.  It’s free on Fridays after 4pm!  So cool!  There was an exhibit by Tim Burton there but it was packed out and we couldn’t get in.  Still, there was plenty to see… NAMELY this:

Marina Abramović, "The Artist Is Present"

I know it’s a bit fuzzy… but look close and you’ll see that there are two people sitting at a table staring at each other silently.  Yes. That’s it.  For hours and hours. Just staring.  The artist, Marina Abramović, is the one in red.  The other person is just a volunteering museum-goer.  The artist sits there all day and stares and if anyone wants to sit and stare back at her they can. Very interesting.  After seeing the other art she had upstairs (which included videos of previous live exhibits she’s done — one of which was her completely naked whipping herself and yelling while a cross of fire burned at her feet) — I can tell you THIS LADY IS THE LAST PERSON I’D LOCK EYES WITH.  Who knows what she transferred over to that poor unsuspecting soul.. YIKES.  But I get it that she’s pushing the envelope, and making statements with art. I get it.

On other floors (yes, lets get past THAT 🙂 I’m trying to…) we experienced really amazing art from throughout the years past.  So many great moments where artists had invented new ways to express/create.  Loved it!  There were many Picasso and Jackson Pollack originals.

One installation of the Tim Burton exhibit

A Shattered Chandelier at MOMA

Jackson Pollock's "Stenographic Figure" (1942)

We left there and headed over to the IAM (International Arts Movement) Art Exhibit happening at their space. Great to meet up with Christy Tennant.  And to meet some new friends, including Pennsylvania photographer Beth Altrogge (check her out on my Facebook/Twitter!).  Very talented people/art represented.

Hooking up with Christy Tennant at IAM

When most people would be too tired to move on, we got on the subway and headed to the Upper West Side where we ate dinner at Celeste’s (Lisa Brown’s suggestion) and it was amazing.  HOWEVER, the place is tiny, and this couple right next to us were talking very loudly the entire time about soccer and arguing about boys vs. girls sports.  They were flirt/fighting the whole time… I almost hit them. Almost. 🙂  The chick was soooo loud! (note to self. :))  Food/Dessert/Cappuccino was phenomenal.  I had salmon and Bryan had pasta.

Late night on the subway

We had about 1/16th a tank left of energy, just enough to trek over to Lisa Brown’s apartment for some late-late-night hanging.  How fun!  She’s got a backyard! (hot commodity in NYC!) We laughed till my eyes were slits… and then we caught a cab back to the hotel… whew!  What a cool day!


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  1. Liz Thomas says:

    Marina is scary! Great pics! You had quite an adventure friend!

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