Spring in New York City – Day 5

Saturday we hit the street at 10am — first stop: H&M Customer Service.  Yes, to return the one thing I bought the day before.  I KNOW I KNOW.  (I did have some hair accessories that I kept).  We then set off for Rockefeller Center & NBC Studios.  So fun!  A beautiful, crisp morning.  Not too cold — just right!  We walked down Fifth Avenue and stopped at Takashimaya (local tea hot-spot), Tiffany’s, Trump Tower, and St. Patrick’s Cathedral.

Rockefeller Center

Marcy in front of NBC Studios

Fifth Avenue, Manhattan

Trump Tower

St. Patrick's Cathedral

We walked into FAO Schwarz (like many do) to see “THE BIG PIANO” from the movie Big.  So funny to see these signs upon entering — I felt like a lemming — and of course they keep that sucker at the very back corner of the store.  Well, we saw it.  Check!  Right out front of FAO Schwartz is The Apple Store, and it really is an amazing piece of art, just the building itself!

The famous "Big Piano" in FAO Schwarz

The Apple Store on Fifth Avenue

Next we walked right into Central Park (the southern-most part we hadn’t seen yet) and enjoyed all the things you HOPE to see in Central Park.  Men’s softball games, boys little league games, the Mall, the boats on the Lake, buskers — it’s truly picturesque.  However, I must say, my feet were KILLING ME and I was more than ready to sit down — which we did shortly after when we returned to 42nd street for Mary Poppins at the New Amsterdam Theater!  Bryan and I had great seats for the 2pm matinee, but we are short people, so they let us have booster seats!  HA!!  I LOVED THAT!  It made all the difference – SO SO SO AMAZING!!  I can sum this up by saying if you loved the magic of the movie you will not be disappointed by the live show.  I don’t know how they do it, but the magic is all in there!  And Laura Michelle Kelly is just WOW.  So good.  The only sad moment was the 20 minutes after intermission when the ladies behind us decided to eat like they were at the dollar movie — LOUD, LONG, AND OBNOXIOUS.  Their chip bag seemed like it was 12 feet deep.  Thankfully they finished and didn’t interrupt any major scenes!  I was teary-eyed at the end.  So grateful!!

Central Park

An afternoon baseball game in Central Park

The Mall in Central Park

The lovely benches lining The Mall

Beethoven's bust in Central Park

"Mary Poppins" at the New Amsterdam Theater

At some point earlier in the day, Bryan realized he left his cell phone at Celeste’s the night before, so we needed to take time to retrieve it.  We took a train to the Upper East Side to get to Serendipity first to try to secure a spot on the waiting list for a table (it’s at least an hour wait for dessert).  Then we headed over to the Upper West Side, got Bryan’s phone, and ate at Big Nick’s Burgers (recommended!).  It was so fun and sooooo good.  I got the Burger with sweet potato fries.  YUM!  They were so nice too.  There are little signs up everywhere inside the tiny place.  It’s not for the claustrophobic, that’s for sure. But the food is dynamite.

Upper East Side at sunset

After deciding I could do Serendipity another trip (didn’t want to waste time waiting), we headed down Central Park West Avenue to catch a train back to Broadway to see CHRISTOPHER WALKEN in “A Behanding in Spokane” co-starring Sam Rockwell (Moon), Anthony Mackie (The Hurt Locker), and Zoe Kazan (Revolutionary Road)!  This show’s cast consists of only these four actors, but is a dark comedy that holds your attention!  We had front row Mezzanine seats — the theater is so shallow, we felt so close!  It was great! One great moment was when Kazan and Mackie were handcuffed to a heating pipe in a hotel room and are trying to put out a candle that’s sitting in a gas can (a trap Walken’s character had setup).  They were supposed to throw their shoes and MISS the can, but Mackie’s shoe flies over the can and blows the candle OUT!  He is not sure what to do, because this changes the story completely, so the audience and them are laughing hysterically and a stage hand quickly and as inconspicuously as possible jumps out from stage right and re-lights the candle.  SO great!

Waiting for "A Behanding in Spokane" to begin

The final scene & aftermath of the play

After the show we joined the crowd waiting by the stage door for the actors to exit, hoping for a photo and an autograph.  WE HIT THE JACKPOT!  Christopher Walken was the last to leave, and he came around to my side and signed my program!  I said, “Thank you”, he said, “Thank you” — so cool!  Right before that we saw Liza Manelli stroll past and enter the theater through the stage door!  And to my left I saw Ginnifer Goodwin, from “He’s Just Not That Into You” — she was trying to casually pass by unnoticed with her friend, but I caught a side pic of her (she looked thrilled!).  After the throngs of people left, we heard rumors that Liza was still inside the theater, because it turns out that she, Carol Burnett, and Jane Krakowski (from 30 Rock) were all in the audience that night!  Wish I had seen Carol Burnett!  We stayed and waited just in case, but after a while we gave up — but what A GREAT NIGHT!

Ginnifer Goodwin walking by!

Anthony Mackie signing autographs

Sam Rockwell leaving the theater

Christopher Walken signing our Playbill!

The Schoenfeld Theater

Thinking we were done with celebrities for the night, at around 11pm we headed back to the Ace Hotel and decided to get some dessert up in the bar area of the restaurant, The Breslin.  I told our waitress of our adventures, and she reported to us that at that very moment at a table a few yards away was sitting Chelsea Clinton with some friends!  Wow!  What a night.  I caught a bit of her face on the way out, but her friends flanked her pretty good.



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