Austin City Limits Music Festival 2010

What a great time we had this year at the 2010 Austin City Limits Music Festival!  We went this year with my drummer, Brent Burgess and his wife Hannah.  My only complaint would be that the secret is out and Zilker Park cannot hold the amount of people trying to hear good music… MUSE day (Saturday) was crazy!  It was like one big swarm of sweaty bodies and smells… some of them legal, some of them not so legal. 😉

ACL Main Entrance

ACL Main Entrance

This huge orb would glow at night -- beautiful.

The Calm before the Storm - early morning before the gates opened

Some of the highlights:

Ryan Bingham, writer of the Oscar-winning song, “The Weary Kind” from the movie Crazy Heart.  What a talent!  I loved his sound.  Americana with a bit o’ soul.

Phish (Bryan’s favorite) was as usual a great jam.  Amazing musicianship.  Their cover of Eumir Deodato’sAlso Sprach Zarathrusta” caused Bryan to wig out — his Dad was a huge Deodato fan in the 70s and Bryan has vivid memories of this song playing on the 8-track deck on family vacations. 🙂

Amos Lee!  Fun to think about the first time I saw him opening for Norah Jones years ago.  He’s got such a great sound — acoustic soul + full jam band/strong BGVs.  Still love his song, “Over the Rainbow.”  Good stuff.

Ryan Bingham


Phish's Trey Anastasio

Phish's amazing light show

Ah, the beach balls...

Amos Lee

Norah Jones was just as good as she always is.  I love that she doesn’t put limits on herself and is not afraid to try new things.  She played quite a few songs on electric guitar and her sound is reminiscent to me of T-Bone Burnett’s producing — lots of ambient electric and very tasty drums.  HOWEVER, with the amount of slow mellow songs she played in the Austin heat, I found myself nodding off.  I need a bit more variance in songs. But still very vibey.  Music that you could chill to.   I was pretty inspired by her sound — I just think I would add a bit more soul to it for myself. 🙂

Flaming Lips gets an A+ for shock and awe.  I’ll leave it at that. 🙂

Fun seeing Oklahoma City’s own Sugar Free All Stars at the kiddy tent 🙂

I was looking forward to seeing The Dough Rollers (Harrison Ford’s son, Malcolm, and Gabriel Byrne’s son, Jack), but was disappointed that the person they call the “glue” that keeps their trio together, Julia, was not there.  I don’t know if she’s in the band any more or not — it seemed like Malcolm’s voice was not there for the show and he was bright red trying to sing; however, maybe that’s his thing.  It just hurt to watch him.  I really thought he might explode.  But if you close your eyes, they sound like old south.  Very interesting throwback — a dead ringer for that old sound. Check it out!

MUSE was amazing.  What a stage show.  Creative!  And innovative!  Just what you’d expect from them.

Norah Jones

Norah Jones & her band

Wayne Coyne in his Space Bubble!

Muse's Matthew Bellamy

"I need one of those!!" -Bryan

The INSANE crowd on "Muse Day"

Caroline Wonderland was solid blues player and vocals!

The Eagles ended the festival Sunday night and they sang all their hits.  I forget how many they have!  They had great humor and a warmth towards the audience that I really enjoyed.  Didn’t seem like they had egos….and they certainly have reason to.

The Black Keys were a band I wanted to see but really couldn’t hear because there were too many people around the stage — sad 😦

The food was overpriced and not too good, but that’s expected.  However, we ate/had coffee at amazing places in town, including Home Slice Pizza (twice!), 24 Diner, Progress Coffee, Magnolia Cafe, Blue Dahlia Bistro….

Carolyn Wonderland

Timothy, Don, Glenn, Joe - The Eagles

Our central rendezvous point whenever we got separated. 🙂

Beautiful Zilker Park & Downtown Austin

See you again in 2011!

Lots more good music, but I’ve talked enough for now.  Loved being in Austin!  Always do!


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  1. LOve it! This and the Keep Austin Weird festival are two of the best!

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